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Welcome to the PlantPure Communities Pod Network! Via your participation as a leader in PPC's Pod Network, you’ve taken the initiative to support the health and overall well-being of your community. By creating the space to provide educational resources and to build local community support, you are fostering genuine social connection around healthy living. Congratulations!
PlantPure Communities, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is here to provide the support YOU need as a Pod leader to facilitate this important work. You are not alone. By joining the Pod Network you have joined hundreds of Pod leaders from 36 countries, who are supporting 250,000 Pod members. PPC has developed a system of tailored support based on what you have shared with us regarding your interests and your community’s needs.
Over the last several years since PPC was founded, we noticed a number of trends amongst Pods and Pod leaders. We incorporated Pod leader feedback, and responded to the emergence of those trends by creating the Pod Leader Support System, a.k.a. our Earth, Water, and Fire Pod Tracks. Does your Pod enjoy putting on community events such as film screenings and VegFests? Do you prefer to hold a monthly whole food, plant-based potluck? Do you organize online book clubs or health classes? Are you taking the steps to obtain nonprofit status for your Pod?
Whatever you are working on or aspiring to, we’ve got you covered.

Our Earth, Water, and Fire Tracks each provide a guide to the activities and resources you may need to help you run your Pod, as well as support from your Pod Support team member. You have the freedom to follow a different Track if you change your Pod’s focus over time.

As you explore this Pod Leader Support Hub, know that you have the ability to complete the Pod leader training contained within this site at your own pace. Some Pod leaders elect to read through the website during the first few weeks after starting a Pod; others spread out the training over a period of months. Others print the information contained herein for continued review. Just as you have the flexibility as a Pod leader to decide when and where your Pod meets, for example, you also have the autonomy to interact with our support systems as you like.
The following is an overview of what you will find in these pages.
All new Pods officially start off at Basecamp. All of the PPC Pods are given extra support for the first six months after joining our network. Basecamp contains everything you as a Pod leader need to get started and to set you up for success.
You will likely navigate back to Basecamp often as you move forward with your Pod. After the initial six months, your Pod Support team member will assign your Pod to the Earth, Water, or Fire Track based on the information we received through your application, interview, and the first half year of your Pod's activities. You will receive an email from your support member with all the details of your track assignment.
PlantPure Communities’ Earth Pods provide a welcoming and supportive space in their local communities for members of the public who are interested in the whole food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle to come together. Earth Pod leaders bring diverse audiences together to experience delicious food, and to share the latest nutrition resources and knowledge. Healthy plant-based potlucks, guest speaker presentations, interactive food demos, and documentary film screenings are the most popular type of events hosted by Earth Pod leaders.
PlantPure Communities’ Water Pods aim to take action in their local communities by providing opportunities for education and outreach regarding the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Advocacy is accomplished through engaging the community in activities such as screening documentary film, reaching out to restaurants to increase WFPB meal options, and working to bring healthy changes to the menus of institutions such as schools, universities, and hospitals.
Water Pods may organize or participate in VegFests, festivals, conferences, or other large-scale gatherings. Networking with other Pods and participating in the Pod leader Facebook group are encouraged. Identifying and connecting with a “sister Pod” in the PPC network is also encouraged, as sister Pods share resources and support each other in various ways.
Water Pods may connect with groups on college campuses, participate in community or square foot gardening projects, or get involved with local food banks. Writing letters to the editor and developing a robust social media presence is common. Connecting with local groups advocating for healthy living, climate and environmental issues, and animal protection is typical for Water Pods.
PlantPure Communities’ Fire Pods aim to become beacons in the community and beyond. Similar to Water Pods, Fire Pods focus on taking action in their local communities by providing evidence-based nutrition education, outreach, and advocacy to the public to raise awareness of the importance of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.
This is accomplished through activities such as film screenings, restaurant outreach, implementing healthy changes to the menus of institutions such as schools, colleges, and hospitals, and organizing or participating in VegFests, conferences, or other large-scale gatherings. Connecting with other local groups advocating healthy living, environmental and climate issues, and animal advocacy is common.
In addition to these activities, Fire Pod leaders form key partnerships across city or state lines, apply for grants for their programs, and seek to facilitate change beyond their local community. Pods may lobby elected officials, host conferences, apply for funding with other nonprofits, and create systemic change across the state or country. One of the most salient examples of Fire Pods is a group which works with other Pods in a given city, metro area, or region to create a larger and more connected organizational network.
Sometimes Fire Pods go on to attain independent state or federal nonprofit status, and continue to be members of the PPC Pod Network in this capacity.
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